PILATES Total Body


The Pilates method is nowadays, one of the most popular exercising techniques for maintaining a good physical condition. Pilates uses ‘Smart’ excercisesthat offer the long term results that everyone desires. It is recommended by doctors and fitness instructors because it strengthens the body and gives energy and as a consequence it improves the quality of life.
In Pilates, the body is a ‘whole’ and develops tight and strong muscles, instead of allowing each muscle group to strengthen and grow in an unequal way. Everyone, without age or physical condition limits can attend and enjoy the benefits of the exercise.This method will help you discover the abilities of your body that you never imagined you had.Traditionally, Pilates was used by dancers for the preparation of their body and the healing of their injuries. Recently it has become one of the traditional exercising methods and a big number of Hollywood models are grateful to this method for the well shaped and fit body they have.

So, what does Pilates really has to offer?

Exact and full technique that will work immediately your body and its excellent results will follow you forever. Bringing your body and mind into a balance, you will achieve an efficient and balanced exercise It is one of the exercising and healing methods based on motion. The excercises used in pilatesimprove your elasticity and the flexibility of the joints and boost your stamina. Adjust your breathing to achieve maximum efficiency of each exercise Can help you develop strong muscles, flat abs and strong back and correct your standing posture will offer you quick and permanent results. Will improve your looks and will exercise you from head to toe! Above all, will make you feel better and positively influence your mood!
In 10 lessons you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see it and in 30 you will have a new body

Yozef Pilates